happy holidays! - 1

happy holidays!

december 2018

all the best everyone!
take care and catch you 2019!

happy birthday! - 1

happy birthday!

october 2018

the swiss animation association (GSFA) turned 50 this year! over 100 artists/animators came together, formed 16 teams and created a 40min animated omnibus - and i was part of it! follow the link below to the films homepage.

the entire film shall premiere during the animatou animation festival in geneva on the 11th of october. would be amazing if you could make it there! there's a link to the event below.

i'm looking to enter/post my contribution - titled "happy birthday" (for obvious reasons) to other festivals and occasions, and of course on the site in due time.

animation complete! - 1

animation complete!

october 2018

my new short film is animated! movements, layouts & characters all doing what they are suposed to. Yael Schärer, Jotha Wuest and myself were on the drawing-boards from late spring till summer and i couldn't be happier with the tremendous work we've produced.
thanks chaps!
more to come soon!

happy holidays! - 1

happy holidays!

december 2017

i know its been a while, it was worth it: starting next year, production kicks off for my new animated short! teasing with the image above: it's a story about an electrician - more to follow soon. i'm thrilled to close off this amazing year with this news and
can't wait to share this one with you.
happy holidays!

borderline online! - 1

borderline online!

february 2017

finally! as part of the collective swiss animated shorts, the guard joins the VOD program! supporting us, you can now rent or purchase borderline!
just follow the link below!

happy holidays! - 1

happy holidays!

december 2016

take care and looking forward to sharing
the new developments on my films with you soon!

closing time

may 2016

the royal in baden was to be closed, luckily its status changes to under new management... there was a party on the 27th of may to honour the royal and i was invited to make a homage to its time along with other filmmakers. here's what i made!
with the awesome help of Olav Lervik!

apkz trailer

january 2016

trailer for the architektur preis kanton zürich.
for more information about the event check their site below:

fantoche 2015

september 2015

here we go again!
giving a workshop, screening the films, made a sponsor trailer and announcing films;
its back to switzerlands animation festival in baden - fantoche 2015!
would be great to see you there...

kurzfilmnacht 2015

as of april

mmeeeoooww! this year i was invited to make the trailer for the short film night tour 2015 - and finally got to animate eyes & a cat! to which my man Olav gave its meow & sfx!
both him and i will be present at the zurich screenings on april 10th at the uto cinema. and you can come visit me again as i screen the films from the projectionists cabin in baden-wettingen on april 17th in the orient cinema - would be great to see you there!

solothurning again! - 1

solothurning again!

january 2015

once again i'm operating the prestigious reithalle cinema here for the solothurnerfilmtage. everythings very fancy as its their 50 year jubilee! they will also be showing the bellringer as part of a special animation program! (wednesday 28th, 12:00 in the “kino palace”) - and to top it all off the “Du” magazine have a special issue this month covering the event, and yours-truly got to do a little illustration for them (its on page 89!).

happy holidays! - 1

happy holidays!

december 2014

merry christmas everyone!
have a great time with tons of food, long sleep-ins and good "bad telly"!

ftm trailers

2x 30sec / october 2014 / 2d animation

here are some small clips i made for the
composer school for film, theatre and media score!
staying authentic to the proceedings of a true director!

operating arbon - 1

operating arbon

july - august 2014

third time a char- erm… rain actually! july 2014 in switzerland has apparently been the most rainy in 50 years! nevertheless i was back operating this awesome open air cinema, which - due to the weather - has even bee prolonged by 4 day, just in case the sun wants to show itself! check out the program below:

3 wins at the jugendfilmtage! - 1

3 wins at the jugendfilmtage!

april 2014

jup! - in all of the winning films in the category B (youths till the age of 19) at the schweizer jugendfilmtage ( i was pulling the strings!
hosting/tutoring the workshops in horgen and baar, the classes & myself produced two short cut-out animations (a violent cat killing of its family & a family swapping places with a prisoner) and a fake documentary film (on how to trade in and/or sell your children)! the festival ran from the 2nd-6th of april and not only did we score 1st, 2nd and 3rd, but even won the audience award! yyeee-HA!
below the link to the fake documentary "frisch fleisch" which was made in horgen together with crossfade productions… and stars me as a farmer!

elf in the papers! - 1

elf in the papers!

december 6th 2013

holy sugarcane! the elf made the short film of the week on the day of his release!
check the link below for the tagesanzeiger online article...

vitra silent wall wins at klik! - 1

vitra silent wall wins at klik!

november 2013

holy silent sliding walls! our vitra spot won the award for best commissioned film at the klik international animation festival in amsterdam! yeeeha! wish i could have been there (they have remote controlled flying sharks there too…)!

don't dress for dinner - 1

don't dress for dinner

november 2013

wow! our last show of "don't dress for dinner" finished on saturday the 16th of november, catering yet again to another sold out theatre! we had an amazing run, and once i regain some of my hours of lost sleep i'll be missing the show…
…already missing the incredible cast and fantastic team though!
for all of you who came to see the show, please check out the thank you card i made below!

borderline wins at krok!

september 2013

unbelievable! after an amazing 10 days on the boat down the dnieper from odessa to kiev, the guard even won the award ships-bell for best 5 - 10 minute film at the krok int. ani. festival 2013! it was an unforgettable experience and i shall always cherish the times
(oh, and the bell also doubles up as an upside-down goblet!)

dying projectionists - 1

dying projectionists

june 2013

brilliant i was questioned by swiss television about being a cinema projectionist, as the screening of traditional 35mm film is now becoming a dying craft. below is a link to the article and broadcast. i don't share much wisdom, but a lot of enthusiasm!

ransom in stuttgart - 1

ransom in stuttgart

april 2013

the bandits, both in the film "ransom" and in real life (barney and myself) visited the stuttgart international animation festival. despite some technical difficulties we had a fun time at the festival, but a greater time meeting up with friends and filmmakers!

ransom's day! - 1

ransom's day!

8th march 2013

holy bandits! ransom is the short-film of the week in the culture section of the tagesanzeiger online! it'll be viewable on their site for a limited time (7 days).
check it out and read the report (in german) by following the link below:

epac workshop - 1

epac workshop

january 2013

what a blast! 40 students and 3 weeks to make a short animated clip!
this fun filled workshop took place in the epac: the academy of contemporary arts in saxon. had a great time chaps! keep it up!

ransom on the radio - 1

ransom on the radio

september 2012

ransom and its incredible behind-the-scenes story has been documented by the swiss radio! thanks to the films premiere at fantoche, the happenings behind the film
are finally going public.

the film is based on an invitation to a 10th anniversary party, that looks like a ransom note. this invitation - sent to business partners and friends - was taken literally. and the design company confronted with lawsuits had to cancel the party!
luckily the film has nevertheless been screened at the fantoche int. ani. film festival.

follow the link to the radios report and broadcasted sound file!

the guard in hiroshima - 1the guard in hiroshima - 2

the guard in hiroshima

august 2012

it was absolutely amazing! i had an incredible time at a marvelous festival. no real prizes won, but tons of fans loving the film, jury members expressing their admiration, and a full theatre laughing in all the right places during the screening - what more could i wish for?

top that off with chilling amoungst the greats such as peter lord, marv newland and lots of super newfound friends and animators, and a terrific location and breathtaking day trips - its been an unforgettable experience!

fantoche sponsor trailer 2012

for septemeber

this years fantoche is just around the corner! since 2005 i've been doing my part entering and introducing films... and since 2009: making a sponsor trailer. here's this years one. based on the illustration by anna sommer and with phil mccammon on sound design!

and dont forget: ransom will be screening in the swiss competition this year! so be sure to come! for more details check the link below

aarau one minute film festival - 1aarau one minute film festival - 2

aarau one minute film festival

august 2012

boy was it hot! i mean blistering hot! i know its probably nothing compared to deserts, but for switzerland it was probably the hottest weekend in years! concealing the sweat i still had a great time giving a workshop and presenting my work in the special program - and i was thrilled that the trailers made were well received!

thomas hunziker on borderline - 1

thomas hunziker on borderline

january 2012

thomas has done a review of borderline!
its been printed in the cinema magazine issue 57
or online at:

borderline wins at fantoche! - 1

borderline wins at fantoche!

september 2011

yyyyyeeeeha! the swiss audience award for borderline's first festival!
i was absolutely speechless! thanks to everyone who made it out there!