10:40 / july 2020 / 2d animation

An electrician follows his nightly routine of setting up display letters. Bringing light to places and people - unregarded by the world, and out of sync with in his own relationship at home.

produced by Virage Film
in co-production with SRF Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen
distributed by Bonobostudio

happy birthday

0:43 / october 2018 / 2d animation

song lyrics are not the only things one should know at a birthday party.

the swiss animation association (GSFA) turned 50 in 2018! over 100 artists/animators came together, formed 16 teams and created a 40min animated omnibus - and i was part of it! follow the link below to the films homepage.

closing time

1:05 / may 2016 / 2d animation

the royal in baden was to be closed, luckily its status changes to under new management... there was a party on the 27th of may to honour the royal and i was invited to make a homage to its time. here's what i made!

speak now

2:01 / may 2014 / 2d animation

a priest prays for a bit of excitment

naughty & nice

1:25 / december 2013 / 2d animation

santas chef elf receives a phone call from a demanding client.

vitra silent wall

1:11 / october 2012 / 2d animation

a new system for organising space.
commissioned by netvertising for vitra.

ransom trailer

00:11 / june 2012 / 2d animation

here's the trailer for ransom. it's a small but cute 2 minute dialogue film.
starring my brother barney and myself as bandits out to design the perfect ransom note!

one minute film festival trailers

0:23 & 0:36 / may 2012 / 2d animation & live action

two trailers for this years one minute film festival in aarau.
my personal take and state of mind when seeing 60 films in 60 minutes:
"come one" and "just a few one seconds"!


7:23 / august 2011 / 2d animation

a border guard tries to take his own life,
but not all barriers can be crossed.

borderline making of

6:06 / september 2011 / mixed media

and here a collection of footage and images
made during the production of borderline.
from june 2010 till july 2011.

the hardcore swiss

1:04 / september 2010 / 2d animation

how the swiss get things done

fantoche sponsor trailer 2009

0:15 / august 2009 / live-action

sponsor trailer for the fantoche int. ani. festival 2009

big local fan lounge

0:25 / july 2008 / digital cut-out

trailer for the supporters of the fantoche int. ani. festival

jungle seasoning

1:05 / may 2008 / 2d animation

the different sides of the jungle

the bellringer

3:51 / july 2007 / 2d animation

being controlled by time can take its toll

die kleine gans

0:46 / may 2007 / 2d animation

children had to design their own trailer for the zauberlaterne and migros.
the winning storyboards were made. this is the one i did with maxime defago.

the cleaner

2:44 / july 2006 / 2d animation

a love story behind garbage


4:00 / march 2006 / live-action

a film to clap to


1:01 / june 2005 / claymation

the snake's side of the story

losing it

3:00 / march 2005 / 2d animation

a turnout at a funfair shooting stall

frank's friday

0:27 / december 2004 / 2d animation

a school exercise

the task

5:44 / december 2002 / live-action

my first student film