courses / kurse

over the past few years, i have given numerous animation courses and workshops at schools, festivals and as after-school or holiday activities. doing this has allowed me to come up with a wide range of exercises and tutorials, and i feel very comfortable teaching and supporting all kinds of age groups.

the course content includes the following topics:

– character design and development
– storytelling
– history and techniques of animation filmmaking
– cutout-, clay - and traditional animation, stop-motion
– editing
– sound-design and postproduction.

please feel free to contact me anytime for details and further options.

ich habe bereits zahlreiche kurse und workshops an schulen und festivals sowie privatstunden für kinder als ferien- und freizeitaktivität geleitet. dieser erfahrungsschatz erlaubt es mir alle altersstufen zu unterrichten und das kursprogramm den individuellen bedürfnissen der gruppen anzupassen.

die kursinhalte beinhalten:

- charakterdesign- und entwicklung
- stoffentwicklung / storytelling
- geschichte des animationsfilms und entwicklung der techniken
- cutout-, plastilin-, und traditionelle animation, stop-motion
- schnitt
- sounddesign und postproduktion

bitte kontaktieren sie mich jederzeit für weitere informationen und möglichkeiten.

projectionist - 1


it’s always been a dream of mine! after taking my first steps at the filmstelle, i am now a projectionist and proud member of the team at the orient cinema in baden and the xenix in zurich where i have screened all kinds of films, including my own! check out these awesome cinemas by following the links:

actor, extra, voiceover'er - 1actor, extra, voiceover'er - 2actor, extra, voiceover'er - 3

actor, extra, voiceover'er

treading the boards has not only helped me get a better grasp for characters, but also boosted my self-confidence! i've been in numerous productions of the english-speaking zurich comedy club and even had some extra work in the schauspiel - and opernhaus in zurich.
additionally, i love lending my voice for narration or dialogues and squeaks and moans for animated characters!